Monday, November 8, 2010

" The Entertwining Effect between Global Climate Change and the Tribal Customary Laws and Traditions"
What are Tribal Customary Laws and Traditions? Why is it important? What are its
importance when and how is it important?
The Declaration for the Indigenous Rights is universal. The Indigenous Peoples are
recognized, and respected in the many forms, ways , categories. So how do we consider a clan, a
race or an individual as an indigenous one? Is it because they are dark and small? So many
factors that we have to consider. Let us enumerate.
  • a. their ancestral dress
  • b. their dances
  • c. their songs
  • d. their hymns
  • e. their language
  • f. their colors
  • g. their ancestral lineage
  • h. their marriage system
  • i. their baptismal system
  • j. their burial system
  • k. their ornaments
  • l. their cooking styles and cuisine
  • m. their praises
  • n. their writing system
  • o. their counting system

and many other categories we wanted to rate them asindigenous as they are. Unknown to many, these Customaty Laws and Traditions that each clan possessed are unique and mystical in origin. Most are not just taught by simple lecturers, masters, teachers from each tribe. But most of them are founded "spiritually " .