What is Tribal Government?

Tribal Government is a Government within a Government. It is a Government within the Republic of the Philippines that governs the Written and Unwritten Laws of our Ancestors that exists since time immemorial as stipulated in the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997 or the IPRA Law of 1997.

Tribal Government governs the sacred laws of the Ancestral Domains and Ancestral Lands.

Tribal Government balances the Law of Nature. It listens to the plea of the Unseen Beings not seen by the many people of the earth but can be seen by the gifted Baylans.

Tribal Government is a body that listens to the pleas and lamentations of the spirits or beings in the sea, the waters, the rocks, the stones, the trees, the mountains, the air, the outer networks, the depths of the abbys , the space and dimesions of the elemental spirits.

It listens to the petitions and suggestions of the enchanted, the fairies, the dwarfs, the giants the half men half animal breed, the souls, and the rest of the existing Beings and Forces though oftentimes tagged as myths and legends. It is the weighing scale , the balance of the Seen and the Unseen.

Tribal Government is a concoction, a process, an avenue to made known the various customary laws and traditions present since time immemorial to the different tribes of the Philippines as well as the different tribes that is on the surface of the earth. It is the respect of these indigenous beliefs.

Tribal Government is a simplification of understanding the most misunderstood doctrines and beliefs known to others as paganism … to others as cult. This simplification is by way of practicing the customary laws and traditions both written and unwritten.

The world respects the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples, different countries respects the rights of the indigenous peoples…. These respect will bring us higher to understand the doctrines of faith, the doctrines of religion, the doctrines of occultism, the principle of the atheists, knowing the meaning of life and the digging deeper to salvation…. To immortality.

Tribal Government respects the source and fount of these customary laws and traditions.

Tribal Government supports the right to SELF-GOVERNANCE of every tribe in every part of the globe.

Tribal Government addresses Global Climate Change.

Tribal Government is UNIFICATION.


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