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Reasons and Aims for the Establishment of the Tribal Government


1. To implement the Unwritten Law.

2. To know the Baylans who are still practicing the “ KALINDAAN HA GAPA BATASAN NA PUSAKA” the ANCIENT LAWS.

3. To follow and learn the ancient histories of each tribe.

4. To take note of the ancient unwritten laws and to spread and inform the public about present messages of the different baylans.

5. To know the Datus and the Baes who still practice the ancient laws and to take note of their observance to their laws.

6. To implement the responsibilities and obligations of a true baylan, true datu and a true bae.

7. To take note of the ANCESTRAL LAND BOUNDARIES to solve land conflicts among Tribes people, Muslims and Christians.

8. To train tribal forces to defend their ancestral lands.

9. To implement the Justice System of the tribe.


1. Recognition of the Baylans/ Prophets/ High Priests of the Multi-Ethnic Tribes who are the …

Who Leads The Tribal Government?

This is Governor Higyawan na Holag-ayan. He leads the Tribal Government. He cause the implementation of the Unwritten laws which is very essential in the balance of the movement of the planet Earth. He made sure that indigenous peoples understand the essence of their customary laws and traditions, why they practice it and why they have to practice it religiously.

What is Tribal Government?

Tribal Government is a Government within a Government. It is a Government within the Republic of the Philippines that governs the Written and Unwritten Laws of our Ancestors that exists since time immemorial as stipulated in the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997 or the IPRA Law of 1997.

Tribal Government governs the sacred laws of the Ancestral Domains and Ancestral Lands.

Tribal Government balances the Law of Nature. It listens to the plea of the Unseen Beings not seen by the many people of the earth but can be seen by the gifted Baylans.

Tribal Government is a body that listens to the pleas and lamentations of the spirits or beings in the sea, the waters, the rocks, the stones, the trees, the mountains, the air, the outer networks, the depths of the abbys , the space and dimesions of the elemental spirits.

It listens to the petitions and suggestions of the enchanted, the fairies, the dwarfs, the giants the half men half animal breed, the souls, and the rest of the existing Being…